Monday, September 28, 2009

New News

So, I’m pregnant. For all… at this point, since I don’t update…readers of this blog, that should be news. Tomorrow is my first appointment, which would be at nine weeks, I believe. And so the journey begins…

Didn’t know that this turn of events would be what got me blogging again, but it is. I just feel like perhaps I’d like to look back and remember the experience. And by experience, so far I mean the fact that an alien has come to reside in my body and take it over, thereby making me feel like I have the flu on a daily basis.

The topper was my mom. I mean, she is super happy, which is great. But the first words out of her mouth when I told her about the constant state of sickness I am experiencing, were, 'oh no, that's a shame. I wasn't sick a day with you'. Jeesh. A little deflating to say the least when I've spent the last 5 weeks choking back dry heaves at work every single day.

I'm kind of hoping that right at 12 weeks, my body is going to decide that it loves being pregnant. I'm also hoping that right around that same time, I become super creative with crafts and love to cook and clean. OK, so I'll settle for not puking on my boss's desk and being tolerant of my ever expanding body. A girl can dream though.

Anyways, please stay tuned (hopefully) for more updates on a regular basis.

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