Friday, February 27, 2009

Bad Habits

I have a new bad habit, people. And it's called internet TV.

Maybe I'm being punished for being too self-righteous about cancelling cable. Or maybe being married does this to you.

Either way, I'm hooked. On Biggest Loser. On Survivor. On Lie to Me. On The Office. And on 24 especially. Oh, and I can't wait to start the new season of Amazing Race. (And American Idol, I have a beef with you. I'd like you to not just include the performances, but also judges comments, please?)

What's that? Amazing Race started already. Oh, but yes - I know this! The even more beautiful thing about internet TV? You can watch the episodes WHENEVER you want! (Except Biggest Loser - they are really annoying because they only post one each week, and take down the last. Which means this puts me on a time table for watching. Annoying.) But for free!

I loved DVR - also giving me the freedom to watch whenever I liked. And of course, I loved the nice big screen TV also. But simplifying our lives has taken on new meaning. And this new meaning includes sacrificing some of the quality of the DVR, but replacing with the almost-as-convenient online shows...for half the price! The beauty of it all...

Except, you see - we were trying to kick this habit. You know, do more things together as a couple that include interaction, exercise, and quality bonding time. And this habit gets in the way because we can't wait to lay in bed with the big screen laptop and catch up on what we've missed.

I had said I wanted to maintain up on current events, but really...I'm not so sure this counts.

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