Monday, November 17, 2008

On Fire

When you lose everything, you come to find out that it wasn't really everything.

- A semi-direct quote from church yesterday after the devastating fires in our community, in which there are more than a few families who really have lost everything.

Although I know there are really, really tough times ahead for many of these families and individuals...I also know it has been comforting to see a community gather around and display an amazing amount of generosity and love to those affected by the situation. It reminds me that people are genuinely good hearted and giving.

I also think that when a situation is in our backyard, our first response is to give and help in any way we can. When these are the faces of people we know - it is our first instinct to love. And give open-handed and open-hearted. And that is incredibly encouraging.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I haven't shopped in ages. It's because now that I'm married I'm broke.

Don't get me started on just amazes me how TWO incomes are LESS than one. Despite simple math, people, it is true. How, I don't know. But it is.

So, long story slightly shorter, I haven't shopped in a long, long time. And today I have the urge.

It started when thinking of the Christmas party and how I probably should wear a black dress I have, then went on as a stream of consciousness: how about that little black dress, and what shoes? Well, I have a few. But they all hurt. Especially now that my big toe is injured. I know, very Shaq-like. I'll probably look Shaq-like huge in that dress if I wear flat shoes. Better not go there. What shoes do I have that I like? Oh, those brown ones. Those are cute, and lower heeled, and I've only worn them ONCE! Do I have a brown dress? No. Well, yes, but it's too formal. I'd sure LOVE to shop for a cute, flattering, brown dress. I could save money by just using shoes I have (avoid thinking of the dress cost). I'll just get a simple, affordable, classy chocolate brown dress. And makeup. Natural colored brown makeup....

And so it goes. Pray I resist the shopping. And the internet.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Against My Better Judgement

I have gone and done it.

Gone and done something I never thought I'd do...or try...or get hooked on...or be into in any way, shape, or form.

And it's called golf. G.O.L.F., people. Who knew? Who knew I'd actually like that silly sport? Actually, let me rephrase. Not sport, game. I do intend to hold that it is a game, not a sport. I don't sweat while playing (unless it's weather-related rather than activity-related), and while it is difficult and requires much skill...there are highly skilled, un-athletic people out there participating. Kind of like poker on ESPN. Just because a sports channel covers it does not make it a sport; game is still the category. But a conversation for another day, another time.

Right now I'm still amazed and focussed on the fact that I have now played multiple times...and LIKED it. So many times that we just bought me new clubs because the husband's are too heavy. My own clubs (they were on sale). For golf! Seriously. What has the world come to?

I have to say though. I love being outside, with friends, having a beverage or two, all while golfing!

What's it gonna be next? Lawn bowling? Who knows.