Thursday, November 13, 2008


I haven't shopped in ages. It's because now that I'm married I'm broke.

Don't get me started on just amazes me how TWO incomes are LESS than one. Despite simple math, people, it is true. How, I don't know. But it is.

So, long story slightly shorter, I haven't shopped in a long, long time. And today I have the urge.

It started when thinking of the Christmas party and how I probably should wear a black dress I have, then went on as a stream of consciousness: how about that little black dress, and what shoes? Well, I have a few. But they all hurt. Especially now that my big toe is injured. I know, very Shaq-like. I'll probably look Shaq-like huge in that dress if I wear flat shoes. Better not go there. What shoes do I have that I like? Oh, those brown ones. Those are cute, and lower heeled, and I've only worn them ONCE! Do I have a brown dress? No. Well, yes, but it's too formal. I'd sure LOVE to shop for a cute, flattering, brown dress. I could save money by just using shoes I have (avoid thinking of the dress cost). I'll just get a simple, affordable, classy chocolate brown dress. And makeup. Natural colored brown makeup....

And so it goes. Pray I resist the shopping. And the internet.

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Mandy said...

I know this comment is WAY outdated, but I too am in a constant state of broke, so I never shop. BUT, I have been shopping a lot lately due to a few things such as; holidays, bonus check, refinanced house and didn't have to pay mortgage for one month, etc. And what I noticed is that you have to be out there to find great deals. For instance I bought this AMAZING jacket from Nine West, and usually I don't buy anything from a shoe store, except shoes, cause it's expensive! This jacket was on sale from $215 down to $90! SCORE! There are other examples, but this is a comment and not a post.

So my suggestion is: Go buy yourself s new dress or shoes for that party! But do it wisely and find a kickass deal, because girl, they are out there!