Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am officially Bluetooth-impaired.

I don't know if it's just me, or if everyone has problems with this since the new heaven-forbid-you-make-a-cell-phone-call-in-the-car policy was implemented in California.

Seriously? I'm more of a hazard on the road trying to get that earpiece crap to work with my phone then I was when I made a good old fashioned handheld call. It inevitably connects to the wrong phone (work vs. personal, or vice versa), runs out of battery, or just cuts out so that either I or the person I'm talking to is incomprehensible.

Is this a conspiracy to just eliminate any sort of call during driving? Perhaps. Or one to just purchase the most expensive Bluetooth, because it might actually work as opposed to the third most expensive model.

Newsflash: not a good idea, convenient, or environmentally sensitive to have two cell phones...however, when you are not allowed to make personal calls on a work phone, there are few remaining options.

So I break the law and have to talk on the "handset" (I only know it is called that because my phone now tells me this). Or I pretend that I'm not, and put the phone on speaker. And the entire decision making process involved in this leads to more. distraction. while. driving.

Take that, CA lawmakers.