Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have a friend who I would use one word for: Inspirational.

And I get to see her this weekend. She lives far away, so this is a special treat that is my birthday gift to me!

I cannot even put into words what she is doing in Nicaragua, so I won't really try so much. I will just post a few sentences and link to her amazing adventures in saving the world...well, at least doing what she can in her corner of it.

She is involved in a sustainable development that employs and trains local community members in techniques for sustainable building that has completely transformed the community. Check it out HERE.

She regularly works with a school for special needs children. Check it out HERE.

She regularly helps her friends who have started an organization that runs a transition house for teenage orphans. Check it out HERE.

She is on the board of the volunteer firefighter program. Check it out HERE.

Too much to take in? Just one more, I promise. She is running the music festival this upcoming Monday, which is going to also benefit the community by hopefully generating the funds to create a self-sustainable micro-lending program for locals to start small businesses.

Wow. That is all I have. Well, all I have for now. I get to go work, then pack to get ready. As with any good music festival, I need to prepare some costumes!


Mandy said...

And here after the first sentence I thought you were talking about me.... Imagine my surprise when I kept reading!

KR said...

Well...you ARE inspirational, so I could see the confusion. But seriously - isn't all the stuff she is doing so rad?