Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank you, State of CA

I just talked to my HR manager (confidentially, since I haven't told everyone at work yet) about maternity leave, and to my surprise, this is going to be better than I thought.

I have no idea if this kind of thing is what got our good old state of CA in a bind financially, and I'm not up to debating as I have no real interest in discussing that fact. However, I'm certain there are some that take advantage of it, because the information I gather this morning on pregnancy being a "disability" seems as if it could be somewhat lucrative. I am not considering taking advantage without a necessity, but it was actually pretty calming knowing that if something catastrophic happens and I'm layed up for a bunch of time because of this "condition", I'm actually going to be fairly well taken care of. So, phew. One thing down, and I'm sure a million to go.

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