Monday, January 19, 2009

On Exercise...

The "experts" all say that it takes two weeks before you start losing muscle mass.

These same "experts" also say that it takes half the time to build up the mass you lost once you start working out again compared to someone who never had the muscle to begin with.

So...does this mean that since I've taken basically a year off from hard exercise that I'm going to take six months to get back in shape?

I wonder if they take into account the fact that I can BARELY MOVE the day after I do anything strenuous whatsoever?

And...finally...why in the world did I workout ALL WEEKEND in the gorgeous weather, eating healthy, and weighing myself this morning only to find I've GAINED 3 pounds? This is all seemingly pointing to halting the whole Operation Fit-Again-In-09.

I'm about to abort mission, people. Help me out.

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