Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm baaack.

And I'm hurting. Just a little.

55 miles on the body, backpacking carrying 30 pounds, contrary to popular belief, does NOT do a body good. Well...ok. Some good. Just not all of it.

Including the bruises. I have more mystery bruises from backpacking (ie. sleeping on hard ground at night and continuing to beat up my body by day) than from when I 'accidentally' get drunk.

But all that being said, it was a great trip. I'm pictured above being WAY too excited to be above tree line walking in moon rock. But after that climb, anything felt like downhill.
That being said, the best parts of the trip were:
1. Being with the hubby for a week, pushing our limits together, getting along amazingly well.
2. Seeing my dad and grandfather in their element.
3. Learning the only thing I miss about civilization is a bed, running water, and friends.
4. Remembering that the only things in life that are important were right there with me. And they didn't cost anything at all.
So, welcome home, me.

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