Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's Rant


Last week it was hitting contaminated material and having to have all of my crews in respirators and Tyveks. The week before it was not having the right-of-entries for the properties that we are BUILDING THE PROJECT ON.

This week? Picketing.

Yes, picketing. We had to call the cops to have the people moved because it was a safety hazard.

Now I'm not going to go into the whole union worker issue here because I just don't do that publicly. However, I will go into this. We are trying to get a job done that will help the community. I am building a sewer, for goodness sakes. A MUCH NEEDED sewer, at that. If we don't build it, I imagine that you will have many more problems in the community then PICKETING a contractor who is just trying to build. He is a union contractor. He pays prevailing wage. Just because you draw your 'this union/that union' line in the middle of freaking town, DOES NOT mean that he should not be able to work here. Or to give you the right to make all of our innocent, law-abding, lives miserable, causing double the work, for this entire job.

If the two unions need to have a pissing match, can you please just do it at your hall or something? Picket there? Please?

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