Friday, May 16, 2008

A Wonderful Life

I spend a lot of time on "maybe somedays". And not as much time on "how about today's". I think everyone is a lot like that. And if they claim they aren't, they might just be setting low expectations for themselves, or perhaps selling themselves short...or maybe, just maybe, they are pretty exceptional and accomplish all the things every day that they set out to do.

I like "maybe somedays" because they give me a goal. "Aim for the stars, miss, and you still get the moon", right? Sometimes it's true. Sometimes with goals, you lose sight of the important part - the journey. Either way, it's just a philosophy. Just a take on life. Just hope and a little faith.

Lately I think a lot. Sometimes about this sort of thing, sometimes less, sometimes more. But the main side effect of marriage for me is thinking. Thinking, watching, analyzing, waiting, wishing. Hoping, praying. Thinking. And thinking again.

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