Monday, June 16, 2008

Like it Used to

Didn't string cheese used to be more "stringy" back in the day? I used to love that stuff.

Today I had some and it seemed just like mozarella. No different. Just in stick form.

I mean, it still tasted good and all. Just not as 'special' or something.

There's kind of a lot of things in life like that. Things that used to be way more exciting when you are younger. Going to the pool. Christmas morning. Pancakes for dinner. OK, maybe some things are still just as anticipated. But on the whole? Our level of excitement seems to wane with age.

I know a friend who married an Ecuadorian who has lived in Quito all her life. Never been on a plane, or to the ocean. And to get married, they needed to fly to the coast to do the paperwork. I received an email describing what it was like to travel with a woman who had never been on a plane. Never stepped foot in the ocean. What it was like to see her watch in amazement as the buildings got smaller, and the clouds were closer. To see her childlike excitement when her feet touched the waves that she was slightly scared of.

Childlike. I'm going to try to be that way more often. Childlike Excitement. Childlike Faith. Childlike Hope. Childlike Trust. Childlike Laughter. Because we should all be so blessed to see the world through the eyes of a child. I think it is more like the way we were intended to live. A little more innocent, a little more grateful, and probably a little more joyful.

Maybe I should go try that string cheese one more time.

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Mandy said...

I think it's because we eat fat free string cheese now. Fat Free doesn't 'string' like the loaded stuff.